Sassy Bitches + Cards Against Humanity = internet bliss

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Cats in sinks. They may not like baths, but they do like water. 

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Oh. They put women’s two favorite things together: marriage and cats. 


Sometimes living in a big city means making out in public places. #weirdtumblrs 

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Why make 300 sandwiches for an engagement ring when you could just order Seamless? #weirdtumblrs


If there were a public poo competition, I think NYC would beat Portland, but at least Portland blogs about it. #weirdtumblrs thanks lackinghue

Apparently the kind of people who eat flaming hot cheetos are the kind of people who litter. Thanks for the submission Jojo

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When conventional words fail you, use porn comments instead. #weirdtumblrs thanks @SureAsMel

Cops and Nobbers. That is all. #weirdtumblrs salute to sol4rplexus 

Actually, dylanseeger, no, your personal over-share blog talking about your dick does not fit right in.